Parallel Twin-Spindle,
Twin-Turret CNC Lathe

Proposing and totally supporting mass production automation system!

TAKISAWA's parallel twin-spindle CNC lathe (TT) is a CNC lathe with two spindles oriented to the front and arranged in parallel each other.
The spindles can be controlled independently in machining.
The CM specification can integrate the processes of workpieces involving both turning and milling processes.
It can correspond to the needs for high productivity by constructing various automation processes, such as simultaneous front and back machining, symmetric machining, and full-automatic machining, using TAKISAWA's original gantry loader with turnover unit.

What is a Parallel Twin-Spindle CNC lathe (TT series)?

This is a Twin-spindle, Twin-turret CNC lathe with the main spindles facing front and arranged in parallel. Independent left and right machining control is available, and CM specifications are also available for mixed turning and milling workpieces.

Takisawa gantry loader (including reversing device) is equipped as standard. Process consolidation by simultaneous turning of the front and back sides, and cycle time reduction by identical machining of the left and right sides are possible.
The machine is compatible with a variety of automation systems such as linkage and multi-process fully automatic machining to meet the demand for high productivity.

Simultaneous Turning of Front and Back

Turning that requires two single-spindle lathes can be completed with a single machine, reducing cycle time and floor space.

Symmetrical Machining

The cycle time is reduced by half by performing the same machining on both the left and right spindles.

Loader Variations