Combined Machining CNC Lathe
(Y-Axis, Opposed Twin-Spindle /
1 Turret)

Combined machining CNC lathe developing machining area

Features of TS series

TS corresponds to integrally-shaped workpieces involving turning and rotating-tool cutting processes.
This CNC lathe (combined machining CNC lathe) integrates processes highly efficiently by its strong milling and Y-axis control.
In the automation support system, TAKISAWA's original gantry loader improves productivity.

  • The highly rigid 30° slant bed
  • The highly rigid rectangular slideways. (X/Y/Z-axis)
  • High Power Built-in Motor
  • LONGER 4.7” Y-axis
  • Stronger Milling Motor 7.5kW, 12-Station Milling Turret
  • 12-station turret (option: 10/15/20-station) available
In-machine Automation (Special Specification)
Work Discharging Unloader / Discharging Partscatcher
Integrates Processes by One Machine

Turning, milling, and front and back machining processes can be integrated into one machine.

Takisawa Original Software 

"TiwaP-1" is an interactive programming system fully supporting creation, simulation, and execution of machining programs to reduce operator' labor.
"Input" by the interactive system is easy for the operator to create programs without knowledge of G codes. "Check" of programs can be done by simulating the cutting results with 3D animation and tool path drawing. In "Operation", the machining spindle and the order of process types are automatically recognized to optimally execute spindle control and C-axis zero return.