Vertical CNC Lathe
(1 Spindle / 1 Turret or Comb)

Stable and highly accurate heavy cutting for medium sized, thin, and deformed workpieces!

TK is designed to be constructed in versatile configurations, so that you can choose the swing 400 or 600 and comb or 6-/8-station turret according to the workpiecess, process, tooling layout, or automation plan.

Definitive model of compact vertical lathe.
  • The wide rectangular slides improve rigidity and stability, supporting heavy-duty cutting and intermittent cutting under high load.
  • It can handle heavy workpieces that are difficult to support with a horizontal lathe, and odd-shaped workpieces that are difficult to balance. A 600 mm swing specification is available when a large jig is required.
User-friendly Design

Outstanding accessibility to the spindle and turret reduces required time for setting up and changing inserts.