CNC Lathe (1 Spindle / 1 Turret)

2-axis CNC lathe achieving extreme high speed, high accuracy, and compactness

Increasing production in limited installation area! Gantry Loader Supports Automatic Production!

Compact & space saving, but operability-oriented.

The machine is made thoroughly compact and space-saving, but the door opening is wide. It makes accessibility to the spindle excellent and tip change and setup change easy.

Box Shaped Bed & Box Slide Way
  • Box-shaped bed construction having very high rigidity resistive to thermal deformation. All slideways use highly rigid and highly accurate rectangular slides.
  • Tank bed structure with a large capacity coolant tank. A low center of gravity provides more stability in machining.
High-Speed Gantry Loader System

We can propose automatic system configuration with high productivity according to workpieces.