Maximum Return from Small Investment

Compact machine supporting the chuck work and center work.

High speed, high accuracy, and compactness
  • The rapid traverse rate is increased compared to our former machines to reduce machining time.
  • Tank bed structure with a large capacity coolant tank.
  • Improved machining accuracy thanks to minimized thermal distortion.
  • All slideways use highly rigid and highly accurate rectangular slides.
  • The turret is available with direct-mount type 8-station and 12-station tools post capable of heavy-duty cutting.
  • Hydraulic Tailstock (Optional)
Compact Automation is realized!
TCC-2100 L2
Machine Width 1320mm /
Floor Space 1.93m2
TCC-2100 L3
Machine Width 1420mm /
Floor Space 2.12m2
Machine Main Specifications
TCC-2100L2 TCC-2100L3
Chuck Size inch 8 8
Type of Turret 8-Station Turret
(Direct-Mount Type)
12-Station Turret
(Direct-Mount Type)
8-Station Turret
(Direct-Mount Type)
12-Station Turret
(Direct-Mount Type)
Max. Turning Diameter mm φ350 φ320 φ350 φ320
Max. Turning Length *1 mm 189 191 289 291
Bar Capacity *2 mm φ51 《φ42》 φ51 《φ42》
Spindle Speed min-1 3200 [OP. 2500, 4100 《5000, 6000》]3200 [OP. 2500, 4100 《5000, 6000》]
Rapid Traverse Rate m/min X : 24 / Z : 30 X : 24 / Z : 30
Spindle Motor
(15,30 min/continuous)
kW 11/7.5 11/7.5
Machine Height mm 1700 1700
Required Floor Space mm 1320×1495 1420×1525
Machine Weight kg 2400 2530

《 》 are specification of spindle speed 5000min-1, 6000min-1.
*1) Maximum turning Dia. is different at spindle speed 5000min-1, 6000min-1 specification.
*2) Please note the bar capacity follows types of chucks and cylinders.

TCC-2100GMeet the operating ratio up.
Compact Automation is realized!
Machine Width 2113.6mm /
Floor Space 4.59m2
Machine Width 2213.6mm /
Floor Space 4.9m2
Loader Target Workpiece
Outside Diameter mm φ160
Length mm 100
Weight kg 3 (×2)
Work Piece Feeder Specifications
Number of Pallets 16
Loading Capacity (Per Pallet) kg 40
Work Stacking Height mm 450