Ultrafast Loading by New System!

Non-cutting Time Drastically Reduced!

Takisawa twin chucker TT-1100G is a parallel 2-spindle CNC lathe with a completely new loading system that realizes loading time of 1.7 seconds.

Ultrafast Loading System

The loader area is positioned in front of the machining chamber (Front waiting system) to significantly reduce the loading distance. Furthermore, the machine adopts the ultrahigh-speed loading system in which the spindle moves forward to the loading position. The combination of this structure and high-speed 3-axis loader realizes ultrahigh-speed loading of 1.7 seconds.

Chuck Size : 6"

Loader specification optimum for your production plan is selectable.

Loader Target Workpiece


Machine Main Specifications Applied to gantry loader type A
Chuck Size inch 6+6
Type of Turret   10-Station Turret(All-Holder Type)
Max. Turning Diameter mm φ140
Max. Turning Length mm 121
Spindle Speed min-1 4500 [OP. 6500]
Rapid Traverse Rate m/min X : 24 / Z : 30
Spindle Motor (15 min/continuous) kW 5.5/3.7 [OP. 7.5/5.5]
Machine Height mm 2450
Required Floor Space mm 2258×3327
Machine Weight kg 5800
Loader Target Workpiece
Outside Diameter mm φ80
Length mm 80
Weight kg 0.7(×2)
Work Piece Feeder Specifications
Number of Pallets 14
Loading Capacity (Per Pallet) kg 25
Work Stacking Height mm 450

Easy process management using dedicated button Easy measurement management

  • The bed has a tank bed structure which can keep thermal displacement to the minimum all day.
  • X- and Z-axis roller guides are mounted on the same column. X-axis is arranged vertically to reduce machine width.
  • The right and left turrets are the same 10-station all-holder type with the powerful bolt clamping system.
  • ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM / Environment Friendly Reduction of power consumption. Use of oil-water separator extends the coolant life.
The transfer turnover unit is also equipped as standard.

The device allows simultaneous front and back machining.
Exhibiting optimum performance on the top of each spindle.
* Unlike connecting two one-spindle lathes with a reversing device provided between them, even the space efficiency is obvious.

Front Waiting System
Easy operation by integrating right and left machine information!

Tool Offset Screen (Example)

Easy loader teaching by guide diagram!

RAKU-RAKU Loader 4 Screen (Example)