Corresponding to medium or large sized workpieces for automobile and construction machine industries

Powerful cutting, high accuracy, automation, and high productivity with its totally high rigidity!

TT-350G is a totally highly rigid parallel twin-spindle CNC lathe. It corresponds to workpieces requiring heavy-duty cutting and intermittent cutting with its overhang-less slideway bed structure. It is optimum for mass-production 12" (10") chuck work machining.

  • Incomparably close accessibility
  • Loader specification is available for heavy workpieces.
  • X/Z-axis slideway and turret use the same highly rigid and highly reliable structures as universal 2-axis lathes.
  • Wide rectangular slideways are used in the X-/Z-axes sliding surfaces to realize stable machining with high accuracy over a long period of time.
  • Convenient and easy-to-operate software is installed for operators to reduce non-production time such as setup work.
Machine Main Specifications Applied to gantry loader type A or type B
  (Turning) (Turning&Milling)
TT-350G TT-350CMG
Chuck Size inch 12+1210+10 10+10 10+10
Type of Turret   8-Station Turret
(Direct-Mount Type)
10-Station Turret
(Direct-Mount Type)
12-Station Turret
(Direct-Mount Type)
Rotary Tool Type
12-Station Turret
Max. Turning Diameter mm φ460 φ460
Max. Turning Length mm 325326 281
Spindle Speed min-1 3000 [OP. 2000, 4000] 3000 [OP. 2000, 4000]
Rotary Tool Speed min-1 - 3600
Rapid Traverse Rate m/min X : 24 / Z : 24 X : 24 / Z : 24
Spindle Motor
(30 min/continuous)
kW 18.5/15 [OP. 22/18.5] 18.5/15 [OP. 22/18.5]
Rotary Tool Motor
(15 min/continuous)
kW -3.7/1.1
Machine Height mm 4493 4493
Required Floor Space mm 4395×3753 4395×3753
Machine Weight kg 13500 13700
Loader Target Workpiece
Outside Diameter mm φ280
Length mm 160
Weight kg 15 (×2)
Work Piece Feeder Specifications
Number of Pallets 14
Loading Capacity(Per Pallet) kg 70
Work Stacking Height mm 400