Piston Pin Hole Oval+Bell-Shaped Machining

That provides total solution for pin hole machining!

That provides total solution for pin hole machining!
3D Piston Pin Hole Machine at the Fastest Speed and the Highest Accuracy in the World scale. TAKISAWA's original piston machining programming software (TPPF3) is built in to allow anyone to create the programs for 3D machining.
Main Spindle and 40,000 rpm Tool Spindle are Synchronized for High Speed Finishing of Small Holes to 3D Profile (Bell-Shape + Oval)

Recently, for the pistons of some new type automobile light engines, the pin hole to connect the piston and rod is machined into non-circular bell shape to withstand explosive impact by the engine. TPS-3300HII is developed to provide innovative solutions for such machining challenges. Machining of this complicated shape requires high accuracy because the shape, which is similar to the bell part of a trumpet, consists of a curve and oval. This is an ID 3-dimensional machine combining the advantages of CNC lathe and ultrahigh-speed machining center. It can easily clear the challenges by TAKISAWA's original spiral scraping method. Also, it can finish machining faces like a mirror.

It is developed based on the TPS series which has already obtained international patent and experience in piston OD 3-dimensional machining. Its unique dedicated interactive software and incomparably highly accurate ceramic mechanism gain absolute confidence of engineers in machining of pistons for general automobile and even Formula 1.

The new machining methods developed by this machine will give further impetus to energy saving design of pistons, and provide free ideas considering environment to designers concerned about machining limitations.

Machine Main Specifications
Spindle Speed min-1 Left Spindle:1000 / Rotating Tool:42000
Type of Turret   Tool Spindle
Spindle Motor kW 7 / Rotating Tool:15
Electric Power kVA 30.3
Air Pressure Source MPa 0.5
Machine Height mm 1970
Required Floor Space mm 1795×2640
Machine Weight kg 2800