CNC/Manual Lathe
(RAKU-RAKU Expert System)

Reputable Easy-to-Use Functions!
Performance and Enriched Functions of RAKU-RAKU Expert System

RAKU-RAKU Expert system is for CNC/manual lathes (TAC series) providing excellent general-purpose manual lathing functions , high performance numerical control functions, and moreover, incorporated Takisawa’s unique RAKU-RAKU software enables user-friendly “RAKU-RAKU” (easy) operation and provides techniques of lathe “Expert’s” skills.

CNC Lathe That Can Sharpen Like a Manual Lathe

It can also be used as a Manual Lathe with handle and lever operation. The easy-to-understand operation screen makes skilled machining easy with interactive numerical input.

Takisawa's unique "RAKU-RAKU software"

Takisawa’s unique RAKU-RAKU (=easy) software is embedded in the TAC series only to provide the multilanguage interactive input system. Anyone, whoever unskilled or inexperienced, can use high grade skilled techniques on the day of installation immediately.
Features of RAKU-RAKU software:
A wide variety of optional software is also available.