IoT Solution

IoT Solution

IoT Package

Necessary sensors and software can be picked up just by selecting a package corresponding to the purpose of introducing IoT.
・Continuous operation package
・Machining status package
・Traceability package
・Visualization package

FIELD system or MT-LINKi is selectable as operation software.

FIELD system

FIELD system is an open platform for manufacturers to further improve productivity and efficiency.
It can be connected not only to CNC lathes but also to various devices.
TAKISAWA's original applications are being developed one after another.

TOOL BOX offset (Wear offset application)

It monitors tool wear offset to keep machining quality.
Wear offset update history can be graphed, and chip replacing timing can be notified by e-mail by setting a wear limit.

MT-LINKi (Operation monitoring)

This operation monitoring software is easy to install.
It can collect, manage, and visualize various machine data.
Collected data can be used not only for operation management but also for preventive maintenance.