#40 Vertical Machining Center

#40 Machining Center Provides
#50 Class of Machining Stroke

#40 Machine Presents One-Class Higher Machining Area

#40 Machining Center Provides
#50 Class of Machining Stroke at Low Cost

Economical and profitable
  • Existing tools for #40 machining centers and drill center can be used as they are on this machine having longer strokes, thus enabling multiple kinds of machining of larger workpieces including casings, and also raising the cost-effectiveness and profitability. Travel X-Axis : 850mm, Y-Axis : 520mm, Z-Axis : 610mm

 X:850mm Y:520mm Z:610mm

Machine Main Specifications
X-Axis Travel (Table Longitudinal) mm 850
Y-AxisTravel (Saddle Cross) mm 520
Z-Axis Travel (Spindle Head Vertical) mm 610
Table Working Area mm 1000×520
Table Max. Loading Capacity kg 800
Spindle Speed min-1 8000 (OP:12000)
Type of Tool Shank/Tool Storage Capacity   BT40 / 30 Tools
Spindle Motor KW 11/7.5
Electric Power kVA 18.8
Machine Height mm 2807
Required Floor Space mm 2400×2870
Machine Weight kg 6500