Highly Rigid Large CNC Lathe

The TG-6000 series is a large lathe having incomparably high cutting capability. It can correspond to machining of large parts for construction machine/shipbuilding, both-end thread cutting of large-diameter/long-pipe materials for oil industry, and the needs of wind power generation field.

Big bore specification for both-end machining of large-diameter pipe

Spindle through-hole diameters up to 375 mm are available.

C Type Spindle

Applicable To Large Diameter And Long Workpieces
  • Large CNC lathe capable of Turning up to 4031 mm in maximum length and 760 mm in maximum turning diameter.
  • Tough turret, tailstock, bed and saddle construction presents powerful and stable cutting.
Highly Reliable rectangular Slideways Are Used In All Axes

Optimum wide slideway provides powerful and stable heavy-duty cutting performance and high durability.