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Disclosure Policy

1. Information disclosure standards

We conduct disclosure activities based on, and in conformity with, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and all other applicable laws and regulations (laws and regulations) as well as rules concerning timely disclosure of corporate information by issuers of listed securities (Timely Disclosure Rules), as stipulated by the stock exchanges on which the Company's shares are listed. We also actively disclose information that it believes to be useful in fostering a deeper understanding of us or that it believes could have an influence on the investment decisions of shareholders and other investors, even where disclosure standards specified by the laws and regulations and the Timely Disclosure Rules do not apply. 2. Infor

2. Information disclosure methods

The disclosure of information subject to timely disclosure regulations is communicated via the timely information disclosure system (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. When disclosing information not subject to timely disclosure regulations, we still endeavor to communicate such information via appropriate means to investors in an accurate and fair manner in keeping with the principle of timely disclosure. We also make announcements by distributing releases at press clubs and quickly posting information on other sections of our website. All these actions are aimed at ensuring the timely and fair disclosure of information.

3. Quiet period

To prevent the leakage of Company financial information, and to ensure fairness, we have established a specified time prior to financial announcements as a quiet period. This quiet period runs for from the next day of closing day to the release of annual and quarterly financial results. During quiet periods, we refrain from answering questions or making comments related to financial information. However, we will, as appropriate, disclose information via TDnet, etc. during this quiet period in the event that results significantly differ from publicly announced operating projections.