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Major Shareholders (TOP 10)
Name or Title Shares Held
Percentage of
Shares (%)
Takisawa Machine
Tool client
stocks society
3,633 5.52
FANUC LTD. 3,000 4.56
The Chugoku
Bank, Ltd.
2,897 4.40
Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd. 1,396 2.12
The Master
Trust Bank of Japan,
Ltd (Trust Account)
1,280 1.95
1,276 1.94
Japan Trustee
Services Bank,
Ltd. (Trust Account5)
1,170 1.78
The Master
Trust Bank of Japan,
Ltd (Trust Account)
1,140 1.73
Nobutoshi Tsuchiya 920 1.40
Japan Trustee
Services Bank,
Ltd. (Trust Account1)
913 1.39
Total 17,625 26.79
By Shareholder Category
Division Number of
Shares in
(trading units)
Percentage of
Shares (%)
Government and
Local Public
- - -
Financial Institutions 25 12,734 19.44
Financial Instruments Firm 27 2,679 4.09
Other Corporations 83 5,853 8.93
Foreign Corporations 78 5,306 8.10
Individuals, Others 5,551 38,947 59.44
Total 5,764 65,519 100.00

Share Details
(1 Trading Unit = 1,000 Shares)

Share Procedures Guid

Record Date March 31, annually
Interim Dividend Date September 30, annually
Trading Unit 100 shares
Contact Information for Shares Procedures <Shareholders who are using “Transfer Accounts” of Securities Companies>
Please contact Securities Companies at which shareholders have their own accounts

<Shareholders who are recorded in “Special Accounts”>
Address: 2-8-4 Izumi Suginami-ku Tokyo 168-0063, Japan
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Stock Transfer Agency Business Planning Dept.
Public Announcement Method Electronic Public Notice
Shareholder Privileges None

Dividends Policy

(1) Basic Policy for Profit Distribution

In our cyclic production industry, we are particularly sensitive to fluctuations in the market. Takisawa believes that providing business results more stable than those of the past is the most important goal, and we maintain a basic policy of issuing stable dividends by strengthening our financial characteristics and distribution of profits.

(2) Dividends

The interim dividends for March,2018 will be 2.0 yen (20 yen when considering share consolidation) per common share in consideration of the state of the earnings, according to the basic policy for profit distribution.
The end-of-term dividend is corrected to 42 yen per share from 3 yen previously estimated before share consolidation (30 yen when share consolidation is taken into consideration), because the current net income belonging to shareholders of the parent company will exceed the previously announced value according to "Revision of financial result forecast" disclosed on October 31, 2017. Accordingly, the end-of-term dividend is substantially increased by 12 yen from 30 yen previously estimated in consideration of share consolidation. In addition, the annuity will be substantially 62 yen per share including the interim dividend of 20 yen when share consolidation is taken into consideration (before share consolidation: 2 yen).

(3) Use of Internal Reserves

While appropriating funds for research and development, equipment and overseas subsidiaries investments, and striving to improve our business results and financial characteristics, Takisawa is also working to provide stable dividends while maintaining a long-term outlook.


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* Share consolidation (consolidating 10 common shares into one) is implemented as of October 1, 2017.
The amount converted on the basis of share consolidation is described as the dividend per share after share consolidation.
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